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  • I have recently become an avid DIY’er, but I had a career as a building instructor in California before moving.  I just wanted to warn everyone to know what the local laws and regulations are in your area, as they’re all very different.  Sometimes the city or township will require permits, plans, fees, etc before adding buildings to your p…[Read more]

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    I know this is an old thread, but here’s how I got my downloads.  After check-out I got a confirmation screen on the website and was able to click on the red button to the right of each item.  From there you can download it directly or open and view the plans (I recommend that option as I can click “save as” and put them in a specific folder i…[Read more]

  • Thanks!  I knew the actual sizes of 2×4 and 2×6 but that chart really helps me figure out and plan for the sizing of the other stuff I don’t use as often!

  • If you’re building with 2×4’s, then you’ll use 2×4’s for the door and window framing.  You will also keep the same spacing (I think the shed calls for 24″ spacing between studs, though it may be 16″).  Essentially, though, you’ll want to pick whatever size window you want to use and then frame around it accordingly while maintaining the spacing o…[Read more]

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